Our Unique History

Our owner, David Mebane, was born right here in New Orleans and still has a great affection for his hometown. However, the story of our company actually begins in Paris.

David started going to France after his first year at Texas A&M University in the summer of 1995. He worked as a tour guide in Normandy that summer, and the subsequent summers of 1996 and 1997, touring Versailles and Normandy on bicycle.

After graduation, David moved to Paris two days later and Fat Tire Bike Tours opened on May 25, 1999. There were exactly zero customers that day, but that changed very quickly as we grew over the next five years with several new tours and thousands of happy guests. 

In 2003, the first Segway tour in the world began in our Paris office. Segways were a new and exciting device that the world had never seen, much less used as a means of touring transportation. City Segway Tours was born and now is the largest Segway tour company in the world with multiple operations in Europe and North America.

We first opened in New Orleans in 2004 where we instantly enjoyed success. Our first office was located on the 900 block of Decatur Street, and our Segway tours took guests over to the original Mardi Gras World in Algiers by ferry. Unfortunately in 2005, Hurricane Katrina forced us to close our New Orleans operation.

For years we'd dreamt of returning to New Orleans, and in 2012 we were ready to make our move. Equipped with a fleet of machines and an eager new manager, we decided that it was finally time to come home. We started giving Segway of the French Quarter. The guests on our Segway tour fell in love with New Orleans and asked about ways to see other parts of our city.

We took a page from Paris' book and in 2013 began Bullfrog Bike Tours to explore the neighborhoods in New Orleans that most tourists don't get to see. We feel that biking through a new city is one of the most intimate and personal ways to interact with its culture and history. New Orleans has a fun and unique story. We cannot wait to show you all that she has to offer.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


David Mebane
Founder & CEO