Our Bikes

Children Options:

We'd love to have your family on tour with us! To accommodate younger children we have two smaller bike options avilable. Please note that all child participants must be able to ride their own bike. 

When booking online, select the correct total number of participants first and then specify any additional equipment needed such as a child's bike. Our children's bikes are limited, so please be sure to select your desired option below the passenger information under "Exclusive Options".


Child's BIkes:

 Kid's Mountain Bike - 20-inch Wheels

 Our smallest bike is recommended for children who are  comfortable with hand-brakes and shifting gears. Although  we don't ride at a fast pace on our tours, your child will be  more comfortable with the starting and stopping involved if  they can shift gears with confidence. It is also highly  important that your young rider can ride in a straight line,  both for their safety and the safety of others on the tour.




 Kid's Mountain Bike - 24-inch Wheels

 This medium sized mountain bike still has a low standover  for good leg clearance. Our 24-inch bikes have gears and  hand-brakes. Your child should be comfortable with  changing gears and riding in a straight line.






Adult Bikes:

 Breezer City Bike

 Sit back and relax while cruising on our easy to ride city  bikes. They have 3 speeds, fat tires, and a comfy seat. You  definitely shouldn't break a sweat while touring with us on  one of these easy gliders.





 Ladies' Breezer City Bike

 We're not gender-biased so by all means feel free to ride  this  slightly smaller and easier to ride version of the California  Beach Cruiser. The top tube dips a bit so  stepping on and off  is easier. Smaller teens and big kids  are usually more  comfortable with this bike versus the bigger  bikes due to the  lower standover height.